Unnecessary Expenses In A Digital Age

As we move towards a digital age, it is natural to find unnecessary expenses. Most "information conveying" items are made redundant by the internet. Books, newspaper/magazine subscriptions, shows(in disc format) and comics are examples of unnecessary expenses. All of these can be viewed free(or at a much cheaper price) online. Bulky and expensive storages(shelves, cd stands etc) that were used to hold these items are now no longer needed. Slick gadgets like kindle and ipad can now hold massive amount of information by themselves. Minimalism suddenly becomes the new "cool".

Costly cable subscriptions are not necessary. We can watch shows online as and when we want to at a fraction of the cost(or free). Home phone lines are not needed too, as practically everyone in Singapore owns a handphone. Household expenses eats up our savings. By substituting or eliminating things that we don't need, we can reduce our expenses and at the same time, increase our savings.

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