"Attractive" Shipping And Marine Stocks For Medium Term

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Collated using Shareinvestor
This analysis is slightly different from what I usually do. This time I did not include any metric that involve earnings and strictly compared latest quarter net debt to equity, dividend payout and price to 52 weeks low. I collated a list of prominent shipping and marine counters, line them up in ascending order of price to 52 weeks low. The top being closest to its own 52 weeks low and the bottom being the furthest. I manually calculated their latest quarter net debt to equity and included it in the table as shown above.

My definition of "attractive shipping and marine stocks to ride medium term with" is based on three criteria: the stock must at least give an annual dividend, its net debt to equity for the latest quarter must be less than 0.5x and its Price/NAV must be less than 2x. All the ten stocks above have their last done price close to their 52 weeks low(max premium of 10% as shown above) 

After taking all three criteria into account, four counters in the table met the requirements: Semb Ind, Mermaid Maritime, Kepcorp and Nam Cheong.

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